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Cookie mapping

Mask / rewrite cookies and sessionid's to hide internal site data and mitigate session-based attacks. Use mod_usertrack's strong session tracking to remap (PHP|JSP|ASP)SessionID.

Application State

Per-IP / sessionid application tracking. Possible bundling of external logfile correlation tools.


"Canned" configurations for common apps, configurable by SetEnvIf / include, i.e. owa.conf, joomla.conf, drupal.conf, etc. See examples in the current httpd.conf.

Web Administration

Web interface to per-VHost ProxyPass / rewrite / modsec rules would lead to wider adoption of the tool. Would potentially require a second httpd build, since wsgw is built / configured as proxy-only and we don't want to introduce exposure.

Build Process / Packages

Autoconf / automake wrappers, pre-built RPM's / debs / tgz's / etc.